10 Characteristics That Your Corporate Website Must Have

10 Characteristics That Your Corporate Website Must Have

If you are not sure what a corporate website is, it is an online platform that seeks to make the company, its products, and its services known. It is a site where all the relevant business information is gathered and where its values ​​and philosophy are shown, and tools are provided to contact or acquire what it offers.

Having a  corporate website is an obligation for any company in today’s digital market.  Developing the best corporate portal will provide very interesting advantages, such as projecting a better brand image, attracting new customers, or increasing sales.

Essential characteristics that your corporate website must have

Next, we show ten fundamental characteristics that your corporate website must have for it to be truly efficient and offer the best user experience.

Attractive design

The corporate web design must be modern and attractive since it must be remembered that it is the authentic online “showcase” of the business. Betting on corporate web design and development professionals is the best decision to obtain a site that is attractive to users and that presents a  striking visual appearance that is consistent with the corporate image.

Great usability and accessibility

Two key aspects of the corporate website to offer visitors a great experience and ensure that Google’s crawlers position it in a good place in the results pages are:

  • usability.  Web browsing is simple and intuitive so that all content can be accessed quickly.
  • accessibility. The corporate website must be accessible to any user, regardless of the access device used or if they have a disability (visual or hearing, for example)

Fast charging speed

If the corporate website takes more than three seconds to load, most users will abandon it for a faster alternative. Accelerating the loading speed should be a priority when creating the company’s online portal.

Good architecture

The architecture and structure of the web is a basic point at the time of its creation since it has a  direct impact on the user experience.  Betting on modern structures (such as the “silo type”), using a good category system, implementing breadcrumbs, and ensuring that any content can be accessed with less than four clicks or keystrokes are some interesting techniques in this regard.

Mobile adaptability

A vast majority of users today use smartphones to access the Internet, search for information and make online purchases.  Faced with this situation, the corporate website is obliged to adapt to the particular characteristics of these devices to guarantee the best user experience (smaller screen, vertical orientation, tactile usability…).

Guarantee a high level of security

The development of a corporate website must prioritize all its decisions to guarantee the security of the information shared by the users who visit it. This means enabling the secure HTTPS internet protocol,  implementing  SSL/TSL security certificates, and providing secure online payment gateways.

Integration with social networks

Social networks are currently the most interesting communication channel for companies to interact directly with their target audience and customers.  The integration of the social networks used by the business on the corporate website will allow the sharing of content, news, new releases, and offers to maximize their dissemination and reach.

Comply with data protection regulations

A company must guarantee that its website complies with current regulations regarding data protection, that is, with what is indicated by the European RGPD.

The notice of cookies with the express consent of the user and providing a good privacy policy are two of those essential requirements for the protection of personal data.

Access to different forms of contact

Never forget that the corporate website is an online access point for users to access the company and what it offers. For this reason, it is essential to implement different forms of contact on the site,  such as web form, email, customer service telephone number (with opening hours), and other interesting alternatives, such as the possibility of communicating through instant messaging (WhatsApp or Telegram).

Bet on new technologies

The design of a modern and attractive corporate website must bet on new technologies such as data analytics, artificial intelligence,  or even virtual and augmented reality.

For example, installing an intelligent chat to offer 24/7 attention to users is a very interesting alternative today.


Your corporate website is very important to be able to project the best image of your business,  so you must guarantee the best design and constant updating to have the greatest impact in the digital market.

Experts in web design, digital marketing, and SEO positioning,   offer you services so that you can increase the visibility of your corporate site and generate a greater volume of web traffic made up of users who match your target or buyer persona.


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