Advantages Of Having A Blog In An Online Store

Advantages Of Having A Blog In An Online Store

We have already created our eCommerce and now the real work begins: we must maintain the web and at the same time develop strategies that allow us to improve our position in the face of Google.

The most common thing is to start introducing articles, improve the content, add images, and videos, work on social media campaigns, establish an SEO & SEM positioning strategy … and even create a blog.

But, if I already have an online store, is it really necessary to have a blog? Absolutely yes, and we are going to reveal the reason.

Why should you have a blog in an online store?

Helps improve web positioning in search engines

No matter the type of online project you have in mind, we will always have to strictly follow Google’s criteria to get a good position. This search engine loves content, so we will have to write regular content, of the highest possible quality.

Yes, surely you are already realizing the problem: it is not easy to create this type of content when we are dealing with an online store. It is practically impossible to fill 800-1000 words of each article, not to mention that it is a long and exhausting task.

With a blog we can change everything: through it, we can optimize certain keywords to improve our position.

For example, imagine that you want to sell personalized handbags since it is a star product on your website.

A good strategy would be to create a blog article with personalized gifts and within it link to the “personalized wallets” product.

With this, we achieve two things:

  1. If the customer directly searches for personalized wallets, they will arrive at the article in question, without detours.
  2. If the client is looking for personalized gifts, they will come to our blog and may enter personalized wallets.

In any case, it improves the positioning in front of Google.

Product comparisons

Potential customers who come to our website will be undecided about which item to buy.

Let’s assume that we have a page specialized in capsule coffee machines. We can take the opportunity to write articles that serve to prepare comparisons.

The idea of ​​this is that the client has several coffee makers and can read their characteristics, pros and cons, the most frequently asked questions, and even some opinions. All this will help you make your decision, it will get you to spend more time on our website and therefore, our chances of getting the long-awaited sale will increase.

Improve our reach on social media

Social networks are a very important part of our lives, so they can also give a certain diffusion to any project that we have in hand. Networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are the most popular, so we should not lose sight of them.

We must create a page associated with our online store on these networks: add a good cover photo, write all the necessary information, and start sharing the contents of the blog on it. The idea is to create a referral that derives traffic from the social network to the blog.

Remember that, upon payment, you can organize campaigns on social networks to improve your reach.

A good formula to know your customers

The blog allows you to use more advanced tools that will allow you to get to know the client much better and thus have some control over your audience.

A good example of this is the comments: If your readers praise your way of writing if they ask you questions, and if any type of opinion is positive, this will be a very good sign. Negative comments can also help you improve.

Improve category visibility

Not only can you use the blog to link and/or improve the visibility of a single product, but you can also do this with entire categories. Returning to the example that we have already discussed previously, that of personalized wallets, we can always create a great article in which we talk about its characteristics and advantages.

At some point in the article, we can add a direct link to the product tab, or directly allow purchases from the same (as long as we have the blog integrated into the same eCommerce).

Alternative monetization

If the blog reaches a considerable audience, then we can have an interesting channel to get extra benefits. We can add advertising (from Google Adsense, for example), try affiliate marketing offered by Amazon, sell some reviews on certain platforms, or whatever comes to mind.

It would not be the first time that a blog ends up becoming more profitable than the online store that it promotes; and this, well executed, can be much more profitable than we imagine.

So yes, you need to have a blog in your online store.


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