Alternatives to ChatGPT For Your Company

Alternatives to ChatGPT For Your Company

Although the arrival of ChatGPT has meant a true revolution in many sectors, many are already looking for alternatives to ChatGPT.

This tool has quickly become one of the most popular examples of applied Artificial Intelligence globally. What’s more, the platform experienced record growth, reaching one million users just 5 days after its launch, according to the company’s own figures collected in Statista.

Its ability to generate text in a conversational way and adapt to what the user requests immediately amazed many. Both this tool and the alternatives to ChatGPT are already enabling improvements in the efficiency of professionals from different fields, highlighting the content creation and programming.

However, it is insisted that the need to have human professionals is still essential since it has been proven that the tools are far from infallible.

While trying to discern exactly the impact of this technology for the future, there are already alternatives to free ChatGPT that professionals are using to generate content and alternatives to ChatGPT for programming. We share them with you.

Best alternatives to ChatGPT

1. Bing Chat

The first among the alternatives to ChatGPT is this Microsoft search tool that, taking the lead, has decided to include Artificial Intelligence to compete with Google. In this sense, it works with a chat similar in style to ChatGPT and allows you to apply variations in the tone of the conversation (more formal or informal).

Although, like ChatGPT, it can provide misinformation without a factual basis, this intelligence is considered to be more comprehensive when it comes to providing technical data. It also indicates the sources from which the information is extracted, so that it makes it easier to compare it. On the contrary, ChatGPT can be considered a more creative intelligence.

2. Writesonic

Writesonic appears in the field of the best alternatives to ChatGPT in the generation of online content. Its use has been mainly linked to the generation of online content for marketing, so it is being used for blogs, advertisements, and SEO positioning.

Writesonic can generate a text from some previous indications. Initially, it generated the text almost automatically, without giving the possibility of modifications, but it has already incorporated a conversational functionality, in the style of ChatGPT.

This generative Artificial Intelligence is free but with limitations. Currently, it only allows you to generate 25,000 words per month under the ‘Free’ plan.

3. Bard

Bard consists of Artificial Intelligence developed by Google which, at the time this article is being written, is in an experimental phase and is not available to the general public from the European Union, but is available in other countries.

It is among the alternatives to ChatGPT because it has the same basic premise as this platform: it tries to generate text conversationally with users. 

Based on the LAMDA language model, designed by Google, it is very likely that in a short time, it will become one of the best and most used alternatives to ChatGPT.

Alternatives to ChatGPT to program

One of the features of ChatGPT that has attracted the most attention is its ability to easily generate code. This is a particularly exciting prospect that, by the time it gets off the ground, could bring code democratization as well as save time for professional programmers. Thus, in the field of alternatives to ChatGPT for programming, platforms such as Codeium (aimed at accelerating code creation) and GitHut Copilot stand out today. While Codeium is described as a platform that makes it easy to turn ideas into code, GitHub stands out for its ability to make code suggestions to developers based on the materials presented to it.



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