Here’s a Guide to Crafting Effective Email Marketing Campaigns Without Committing Any Errors

Here’s a Guide to Crafting Effective Email Marketing Campaigns Without Committing Any Errors

All of us who are in online business, who have our online business, know the great importance of having our lists of prospects or subscribers.

This is probably not new, but it is always important to remember that creating a segmented subscriber list in our market niche and doing email marketing is one of the main activities of an entrepreneur.

Despite this commonly recognized truth, some movements warn about the end of an era that would bring the end of email marketing in all its forms and that social media has come to replace it.

Before continuing with the article, I want to clarify that I do not subscribe to this movement at all, and yet I am in the group of entrepreneurs who maintain that email marketing is more alive than ever or at least as alive as ever.

There are many entrepreneurs who, pushed by the movement that considers the loss of effectiveness of email marketing, have stopped using this fabulous marketing tool. Or at least many do not use it correctly.

In this article, I intend to show you the email marketing techniques and strategies that will allow you to start creating a subscriber list, and run email marketing campaigns on it if you already have it, I assure you that these “secrets” will help your campaigns have better results.

Email Marketing – Forms of contact

There are indeed many functions for which email marketing can be used, but I believe that there are two main ways that can be highlighted within an email marketing strategy. On the one hand content email marketing and the other commercial email marketing.

Content Marketing – Email Marketing

The only reason why you have a subscriber list is because there are people who are interested in the topic that you address daily in your blog or your products and what they are looking for is information about it.

The only way I know of to keep that audience attentive is by delivering quality content; email content marketing is the best tool. You cannot for the good of your business and you should not stop taking advantage of this tool to send content due to your commitment to your subscribers.

commercial email marketing

Commercial email marketing is the most exciting of all forms of email marketing out there. Writing for commercial purposes (to get sales) is one of the essential skills that an entrepreneur must develop to achieve the success of an infobusiness.

The format that the copy can acquire can be delivered in various media; commercial email marketing, capture pages, sales letters, and free reports, among other means. Business content writing is the number one skill you need to develop to make money in an online business.

Of all the known formats or media, commercial email marketing is the most appropriate for closing sales and achieving great commercial objectives.

The 6 most common email marketing mistakes made today

1. Do not do email marketing

The worst mistake you can make in online business is not building a list of prospects or subscribers and not creating email marketing campaigns for them.

Check out this article where I show you exactly how you should start building your subscriber list and doing email marketing.

2. Do not use email marketing platforms.

There are two types of platforms that you can use in your online business. On the one hand, there are the tools that you can install on your computer and those that you contract for a monthly payment in the format of online platforms.

The convenience of choosing one or the other depends on several factors, although the preference for the alternative of online platforms, which are exclusively in charge of the delivery of email campaigns in compliance with all anti-spam regulations and privacy policies required for this activity.

The main influencing factor in the decision is that when you install and send emails from your server, from the place where you host your domains, if this hosting is shared, you run the risk that this hosting is sanctioned due to the fault of someone else with whom you shared it. you share and that it is on the blacklist of the main mail platforms such as Gmail, Outlook, and MSN.

We recommend Hostinger because it is the cheapest hosting with the best quality, you have hosting from only €0.99 per month ($0.99) with a free domain included and other very cheap options if you need more resources.

If your server is sanctioned and placed on a so-called blacklist, your emails will go directly to the spam folder. This does not happen if you hire well-known online platforms such as Mailchimp (which even offers a limited but free plan).

It is a matter of choice but it is a very important choice that you must make when you start creating your lists.

3. Error in the selection of the sender and the subject to show

When you send an email to one of your prospects or subscribers, you do it so that they read it and become interested in its content. You can have the best content inside, the best copy that can be written, but if no one opens it, no one will notice.

The first key is the subject and the sender of that email. The sender must be familiar and known, no tricks there, just The only advice is that you do not change the name of the sender. And on the subject of the email, you must take care and achieve the right balance of intrigue, interest, and description to make those who receive it unable to resist.

These two variables can turn an email marketing campaign into a success or a resounding failure.

4. The great doubt; Long or short emails?

The content, as we have already seen, can respond to different objectives. Drive traffic to a website, give specific content, build trust with the list, or sell a product among other possible objectives. The length of the content will depend on that objective, but what must be kept in mind when writing an email are some of the following points:

– You must be written to a single person, even when it is sent to thousands, you must use the second person singular, that is, you, to write the email.

– You must appeal to a simple wording that anyone can understand even when it is the first email you receive,

– You should aim to develop a single point in question and not dwell too much, people who are subscribed to several lists receive many daily emails, what you should do is aim to generate enough intrigue in the email so that after there they go to another site where everything closes; the explanation of a topic in the blog, the sale of a product in a sales letter.

The magic of email marketing is precisely that the relationship is bilateral, personal, and individual. Hence its success and overwhelming effectiveness.

So the answer to the question about whether long or short should be the answer is; that they must be interesting. The extension does not matter but the value of the content.

5. Not having a call to action

Each email, if it is email marketing, must have a clear, specific, and measurable call to action. The objective of the email can vary as we have already seen and can therefore change the intended call to action. But it is always essential that there is a call to action inside, it is always important that whoever receives the email must do something that you propose.

The call to action must be in a clear link, easy to identify, and measurable or trackable by our autoresponder, to measure its effectiveness and be able to change or vary it for future campaigns.

6. Not being consistent in the frequency of contact

Finally, another very common mistake is not respecting the frequency of contact. You must respect the sequence of contents and the frequency of time in the shipments. The relationship with your subscribers grows when trust grows and to make trust grow, a frequency of contact is necessary.

It is not clear if once a week every 15 days or every day, but in my opinion, the frequency should be as much as possible, as long as the objective of sending relevant and interesting content to your target audience is not betrayed.

Successful email marketing campaigns

Creating email marketing campaigns can be done by anyone, you pay a few dollars on a specialized platform, create a series of emails and that’s it, you already have the email marketing campaign.

Now if you want that campaign to be successful and especially if you intend to measure that success in the amount of dollars achieved at the end of the campaign, there are some things that you must take into account.

You must mainly develop the ability to write or write commercial texts, that will allow you to create texts to send by email that will translate into thousands of dollars just by clicking send.

I would like to know if all this information has been useful to you, if you are making any of these mistakes, or if the tips and secrets that I left in the article have helped you.

Email marketing is the tool that any entrepreneur must master if they want to achieve excellent results in business in general and mainly if those businesses are based online.


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