How To Create A Loyalty Program

How To Create A Loyalty Program

The loyalty program has become one of the most useful tools to retain customers and get them to consume the products or services of a company over and over again. In an increasingly competitive landscape, techniques aimed at rewarding and maintaining satisfied customers are essential for the business to continue to grow and achieve success.

The exclusive benefits, incentives, and rewards that loyal customers get have another positive effect on the company: turning customers into brand ambassadors who recommend and defend it.

What are loyalty programs and their objectives?

Loyalty programs are strategies aimed at encouraging and rewarding customer loyalty, to establish a long-term relationship based on an emotional bond. For this, benefits and rewards are offered that are not accessible to those who are not part of that program.

Among the key objectives of this  marketing strategy we can highlight:

Retain customers

According to the Pareto principle,  80% of purchases come from 20% of the public. Therefore, it is essential to retain customers, and that is what loyalty programs look for.

By offering customers a set of exclusive benefits,  you remove the temptation to go shopping with the competition and encourage that person to come back to buy from the same company over and over again.

Cultivate loyalty

The customer loyalty program not only seeks to sell more, it wants to generate an emotional connection with the public because this is how brand ambassadors are in charge of promoting it in a disinterested way.

Increase sales

Discounts, cumulative points, etc. They are strategies that get customers to buy again and again, and higher sales volume translates into higher revenue for the company.

Ideas to create a loyalty program for your business

Exclusive discounts

When it comes to how to retain a customer, the examples are numerous, but exclusive discounts can never be missing, and today you can take advantage of the potential of new technologies for this. For example,  by sending exclusive discount coupons via email or a mobile message.

With a good design, you can even have a section on the business website that gives access to personalized offers.

Referral program

Its goal is for loyal customers to recommend the business to their closest circle. For every purchase made by someone who comes from you, the original customer receives some extra benefit such as a discount or a gift.

Gifts and samples

Receiving a  small gift after each purchase contributes very positively to building customer loyalty, who will buy again to continue receiving an extra detail. The more care is taken in the presentation of these samples or gifts, the greater their positive effect will be.

Custom graphic design

It is not a form of loyalty as such, but a strategy that can help to promote those that are launched.

The idea is to create an attractive and easily recognizable visual identity for the loyalty program. With a distinctive logo and promotional materials that are visually appealing, this generates a positive impact and conveys a professional image and a sense of exclusivity that further builds customer loyalty.

Advantages of having a loyalty program

Increase profits

Working on retaining customers that you already have means having to invest less in attracting new customers, which already means saving money for the company. Additionally, the loyalty program seeks to encourage repeat purchases, which generates a steady stream of sales that contributes to revenue growth.

Greater knowledge of the clientele

Loyalty programs provide information on purchasing habits or public preferences. Data that, when well analyzed, can be very useful to generate increasingly effective marketing campaigns, and even to adapt products or services to what customers want and need.

Improve brand image

By showing a greater commitment to the public, and offering a personalized experience, companies show that they are interested in their customers, and this has a positive effect on their public image. In addition, it is a phenomenon that can also help when it comes to attracting new customers.

A  loyalty program can increase customer retention capacity, increase sales volume and create brand ambassadors. Precisely for this reason, it is a  marketing strategy to which time and resources must be dedicated, because its results can be very positive since they improve profitability in the long term.

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