How to do a giveaway on Instagram and for followers on your profile

How to do a giveaway on Instagram and for followers on your profile

Instagram is one of the social networks most used by companies. Occasionally, brands offer promotions that involve giveaways, although this is not a very common occurrence. If you have an eCommerce and are considering using this method to promote your business, but have never done so before, we can provide you with the necessary steps to take. Specifically, we will explain how to do a giveaway on Instagram. 

Why do a giveaway on Instagram

How to do a giveaway on Instagram and for followers on your profile

Many business owners avoid conducting raffles frequently as they believe it may lead to a loss of sales since people may wait for their turn or the next raffle. However, conducting giveaways on Instagram is a marketing tactic that can significantly increase your visibility. According to a study by Tailwind in July 2020, Instagram posts with giveaways generate 3.5 times more likes and 64 times more comments compared to other posts.

And this translates, on the one hand, into visibility, and on the other it affects the algorithm of your account, making it possible for you to log out more times. Of course, all of this will depend on your audience, what you offer in the giveaway, etc. Imagine you have an audience of 10 people. And that you offer a 5% discount in your store. The normal thing is that it is so little that it doesn’t move much (nor hardly any people participate).

However, if you are going to give a very succulent gift, things change. But to do this you have to know how to plan it correctly, something we will tell you about below.

How to do a giveaway on InstagramHow to do a giveaway on Instagram and for followers on your profile

If after the above you have realized that it is not such a bad idea to do a giveaway on Instagram, how about we give you the previous steps before carrying it out?

Plan the type of giveaway

Before hosting a giveaway, the initial step would be to determine the type of giveaway you want. Consider whether you prefer a raffle or a service giveaway, the number of people involved, and other relevant factors. The truth is that there are many types of raffles, including discounts for purchases in the store, with gifts from the store…

In the case of Instagram, you can do the giveaways by asking for comments, sharing the story, using a certain hashtag, collaborating with other brands, or advertising that giveaway.

It is necessary that, if you plan to do more than one raffle, you first define the type of raffle it will be, the objective it will have, the dynamics, and the prize. These three points are the most important there are.

Manage the moments when you are going to do a giveaway on Instagram

It is as important to know what the dynamics of the draw will be like as the moment in which you are going to launch it. For example, imagine that you have launched a new collection in your eCommerce. And you decide to launch a giveaway six months later to encourage sales. In reality, it won’t work as well if you do it at the same time (a kind of gift to encourage people to try).

Design the image or video of the giveaway

This is quite important because you will need it to have that professional, attractive appearance and in line with your brand. Remember that you are on a photo social network, and therefore, these are very important when publishing something.

Prepare the text

The image is just as important as the text. We could even say more. And in them, you have to summarize all the conditions of the draw as well as what they must do.

If you make it unintelligible, then they will not know how to follow the steps and then they may get angry to see that they are not counted. That’s why:

  • Use short and direct paragraphs.
  • Leave space between paragraphs.
  • Use emojis and capital letters to highlight or relieve text.
  • Make the legal conditions of the contest clear.

Publish the giveaway on Instagram

How to do a giveaway on Instagram and for followers on your profile

Now that you have everything, it’s time to get to work and post the giveaway on Instagram. Depending on whether it is a story or a publication (or video), you will have to follow certain steps.

Of course, make sure everything looks good, with a good design and structure.

The fact that you publish a story with the giveaway does not mean that you cannot make a publication announcing it. And the same with normal posts.

You have to establish the period that it will be active, and remember it during that time so that no one forgets.

In reality, during that time you have to be very aware of it, reviewing the people who sign up, notifying if anyone does not comply with what is requested (so that they can do it…

A thank you to everyone who participates, which is more symbolic, is to “like” their comment. For them it will mean that everything is fine, but also that they are taken into account.

Results time

This is where most businesses can lose followers. And when the draw ends there is usually a drop. But the thing is, if you are not honest in this sense and do not give transparency to the selection of the winner, you can ruin your reputation.

To do? You can record a video in which you select the winner. Some previews in which it is seen that all the people who have participated are included. And finally, draw the winner.

As a recommendation, you should thank everyone for participating, and if possible, give a small consolation prize (which could be a discount in the store) to encourage the sale.

Measure the result

Even if you think that when the winner is announced the draw is over, it doesn’t work like that. At that moment you have a marketing strategy that you have carried out and that will leave you with a result in your metrics, for or against.

You must see if with the draw you have met the objective you set, if you have not reached it, or if you have exceeded it.

Is it clear to you now how to do a giveaway on Instagram?


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