How to gain visibility on the Internet

How to gain visibility on the Internet

Do you have an online business but you can’t get the desired visits? Do you have difficulties attracting new clients? Do you want your brand to be better known and don’t know how to do it?

Enjoying visibility or presence on the Internet is essential for any type of business or company. Many people tend to think that just by having a website posted on the Internet, people will find them and request their services or buy their products, but nothing could be further from the truth. Having a website and not taking any action to gain visibility is similar to having a store in the middle of the desert, no one will find you and no one will see you unless you give them the exact address.

In my still short but intense experience as an SEO and Web Manager, I have been able to observe and participate in companies that had no problem when creating their website. At the same time, they were completely efficient when it came to selling their products or implementing the services they offered. But they all suffered the same problem: The lack of new visitors and therefore growth in sales or profits.

The good news is that there are many ways to gain visibility on the Internet. The bad news is that all of them require effort and work, or an economic investment that many are not willing to make or endure. But in my opinion, they are wrong. Perhaps they already have some good clients obtained previously, not through the Internet, and possibly these already generate some income, but they should not settle.

95% of your potential clients are on the Internet, reading blogs, checking their email, browsing Facebook, or searching on Google, and you should not throw away the opportunity you have to make yourself known in any of these media and thus get new clients or users.

That is why we are going to see 10 options or ways to make yourself known on the Internet and thus gain visibility and new clients:

1. Create a Blog

We live in the information age, and on the Internet, content is king. If you manage to write quality articles that are related to your business, you will attract the audience you want, who in turn will receive important information from a professional in the sector, so you will probably end up being their number one option when choosing where to make the purchase or request the services you offer.

As I said, content is king. Search engines like Google love pages where they find a large amount of information (text) related to a specific topic, so they make that page relevant and show it in the first results of searches on that topic. So writing on a blog will not only position you on the Internet, but it will position you VERY well.

2. Participate in social networks

Nowadays almost everyone participates in social networks and spends some time on them every day. That is why it is extremely important to have a presence on these networks, especially where you can find and target potential clients, such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, or other more specific ones such as professional or niche social networks.

Create your page and interact with your fans, followers, or contacts. It is not about simply publishing offers, but rather creating a bond with your customers closer way and taking advantage of the opportunity to offer them advantages, discounts, or gifts to capture their attention. You can read an article about how to define your strategy on social networks.

3. Get links on relevant websites or your market niche

Links on the Internet are not only used to get visits from people who click on them. Having many links from different sites pointing to your website makes your site gain relevance, and this is rewarded by Google, Yahoo!, or Bing, showing you higher in searches related to those topics, since they treat those links as if they were votes for your website.

There are many ways to get links that we will study in depth soon, but as a summary, we can get links: by carrying out exchanges with other sites on the same topic, signing up for blog or store directories, paying for sponsored articles, directly buying the links, or also participating in blogs and forums with attractive comments, adding your link of course.

4. Create a video and upload it to YouTube

Last week I was talking precisely about the “gold mine” that videos posted on YouTube represent for SEO since they are positioned well and quickly among Google search results.

5. Write as a guest on another blog

It may be that you don’t have time to maintain your blog, or that you don’t have enough articles to write to achieve a consistent publication. In that case, you can write articles for other blogs, as they will still give you some reputation and new visits, and will not force you to write as strictly as you would when having your blog or a company blog.

If you are an expert in your sector, you can also conduct interviews for blogs and online magazines, which in most cases will be happy to publish, since for them it will be “free” material. Of course, don’t forget to ask them to include a link as well as a reference to your business or yourself so that the effort is worth it.

6. Optimize your website for search engines

If you correctly optimize your website and have fresh, quality content, little by little and naturally, you will climb positions in the search results and users will be able to find you by performing the searches for which you want to appear.

7. Participate with quality comments on blogs and forums

Participating in other blogs, forums, etc., not only serves to place another new link, but it serves above all to make yourself known, create a professional image, and be an expert on the subject that will help you attract new clients. Comment on the most important news or articles, provide a new vision or some advice and talk about your project so they know who you are. In these blogs or forums, your target audience is found, take advantage and take a few to your business.

8. Create/use an affiliate program, partners, sales commissions…

…and let others do the work for you.

There are many ways to get others to sell your products or offer your services in exchange for a small commission. Normally, this commission will be linked to a sale made or any conversion that we stipulate, so we will not have to advance any payment. We will achieve new sales, with a somewhat lower profit, but almost without lifting a finger.

Affiliate programs are the most used. In them, you as an advertiser, offer your conditions and a commission per sale. Using a banner or a link, other bloggers and webmasters will offer your products and try to sell them on their blogs or websites. This program will record the sales or conversions made and automatically pay/collect the corresponding amount.

Although it is not necessary to participate in an affiliate program. You can personally agree on sales commissions with whoever you want, and through Google Analytics or another program that tracks sales, know how many conversions have come through each channel, and thus be able to pay the corresponding commission.

9. Run an advertising campaign on Google Adwords

Advertising on the Internet is the best method of attracting an Internet audience since they are just one click away from your business, so if you decide to start an advertising investment, online advertising in general, and Google Adwords in particular, would always be my first option. Although many other forms of Internet advertising are also effective.

10. Leave it in the hands of professionals

Sometimes, the entrepreneur does not have the time or the necessary knowledge to carry out the necessary steps. In that case, and seeing the importance of visibility on the Internet, it is best to leave it in the hands of professionals like iSolated, who will know how to achieve the desired results optimally and in less time than you could achieve on your own.

In some cases, the investment to be made may seem somewhat expensive, but I believe that in the vast majority of businesses, this investment pays off in a short time, and it will also be profitable for a long time, so if you cannot do it yourself, I encourage you to contact a professional who will make your website more profitable and you will greatly benefit from it.

Do you know other ways to gain visibility on the Internet? Have you managed to expand your benefits thanks to investing in positioning and visibility? Tell us your case.


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