How to structure content marketing into complex sales

How to structure content marketing into complex sales

Content marketing in complex sales plays a key role in nurturing and accelerating B2B buying processes. More than any other, this type of selling needs to gain authority and reliable information.

However, guiding the lead along the purchase journey is not a simple task. It is essential to structure the sales funnel and create segments for each phase. Such as splitting the Marketing, Pre-Sales, and Sales processes.

However, the link between all stages of the commercial process and the strong ally to add strength to lead traction is information. Or, still, the so-called content marketing in complex sales.

This method serves as the basis for any sale but behaves differently depending on the situation. The higher the level of complexity, the more information will be needed to convince the lead to opt for the solution.

As we know the importance of this subject for managers and leaders of B2B sales teams, we, at Exact Sales, have prepared this article to clarify how to structure good content marketing management in complex sales.

In addition to talking about the advantages and how to use this technique, we list five applications of content marketing in sales. Check out:

  • Educate the market;
  • Gain authority;
  • Create a business relationship;
  • Provide security;
  • Generate business intelligence.


Content marketing in complex sales: What’s the advantage?

It is common for some sales leaders to question whether there are even advantages to using content marketing in complex sales. Before talking about the advantages, we have an important fact: Currently, 67% of the B2B consumer journey is digital.  Recent surveys show that 9 out of 10 shoppers believe that content impacts decisions.

Therefore, whoever is in the best position in front of the search engines, without a doubt, comes out ahead. Now let’s see the advantages of implementing an ideal content marketing structure in complex sales:

  • CAC reduction;
  • awakening mental triggers;
  • elicit confidence;
  • increases the productivity of the sales team;

CAC reduction

In content marketing in complex sales, the cost of acquiring customers is reduced. This is because, in this methodology, there is a pre-sales team that initiates lead prospecting and conversion. This makes your path to the sales team faster, reducing spending on campaigns and other expenses.

Awakening mental triggers

We know the importance of mental triggers in decision-making. And because complex sales marketing is proactive, professionals can extract the pain of leads in their first contacts.

Therefore, interpreting pain from the beginning of the interaction through knowledge of emotional intelligence makes it easier to reach leads with mental triggers.

Elicit confidence

Trust is one of the foundations of business relationships. The more information about the product, the solution, and the company that a lead or customer obtains, the more confident they will be, and this will shorten the sales process.

Increased productivity of the sales team

The advantages of content marketing in complex sales, such as accelerating the path through the funnel, reducing costs, and building trust, have an impact on the sales team’s production. Therefore, this strategy increases the productivity of the sales team.

How to use content marketing in complex sales

To use content marketing in complex sales, you need to understand the drivers. The real improvement in lead generation occurs when we merge the Marketing and Sales funnels.

The sales funnel is a visual and systematic way of selling products or services. It is divided into 5 parts that represent the lead’s trajectory within the commercial flow. Briefly, they are:

  • Attraction: lead generation (Marketing and Pre-sales);
  • Segmentation: deep qualification (Pre-sales);
  • Traction: negotiation and closing (Sales);
  • Nutrition: rescue of discarded leads along the funnel (Marketing);
  • Retention: maintenance of engagement (Customer Success).

Content marketing in complex sales is directly linked to the nurturing process in the funnel. This segment is extremely important, as it influences all other parts of the funnel: from attraction to retention.

The content is used in active prospecting with Pre-sales and passively via Inbound Marketing. In the traction stage, it helps the salesperson gain confidence and authority during the negotiation. As for retention, it is the content that keeps the potential customer inside the company’s solution.

The market continues to evolve, and news in the segment of the company in which you operate will emerge. The lead needs to keep getting informed. Certainly, he will give priority to brands that offer him reliable content, with tips and effective solutions.

From the point of view of Content Marketing, these same stages can be classified in 3 different ways: top, middle, and bottom of the funnel. The top encompasses the lead attraction stage. The medium, the segmentation, and the negotiation. The fund, on the other hand, refers to closing the contract and retaining customers.


The lead probably doesn’t even know they have a problem. If he knows, he still doesn’t have enough knowledge to see all the implications that pain can bring. It’s the perfect time to gain his trust and use the mental trigger of authority.

At this stage, the pre-salesperson needs to instruct the lead with the help of content marketing in complex sales. Teach him why a certain diagnosed problem represents a risk, but that it has a solution. It’s not yet time to talk about your product or service, or the company. Focus on information!


The lead recognizes that he has a problem and starts looking for ways to solve it. It is the step before the purchase. It is necessary to convince him that the solution offered by the company is the one that best responds to his pain.

Here, content marketing in complex sales also has value, as it presents technical and in-depth material. It’s time to invest in landing pages and other resources that collect lead information. It’s a great way to gauge his interest and need. This is because it is necessary to have something in exchange for the material.


The lead decides which solution will be hired. After knowing the problem and studying ways to solve it, he feels capable of choosing the right alternative. If the previous stages of the funnel are masterfully applied, the option will certainly be the solution you represent. This happens for the following reasons:

  • Confidence in the work of the company;
  • Knowledge to assist;
  • Valuing the time invested in the business relationship.

Content marketing in complex sales at the bottom of the funnel must act with the presentation of the benefits of its solution. Talk about the company, promote its qualities, and relate its value to a possible solution to the prospect’s pain.

Understanding the relationship between the stages of your marketing, pre-sales, and sales funnel is essential. This makes it more predictable, scalable, and effective in guiding the lead through the various stages of the journey.

What are the applications of content marketing in complex sales?

Knowing the theory is important, but we won’t stop there. In this section, we’ll show you what content marketing in hard sales can do. We want you to know in practice the benefits of this resource for the Marketing and Sales departments.

1. Market Education

One of the features of content marketing in complex sales is instruction. Often, the sale becomes difficult because the solution is not yet known in the market. Those who work with innovation know the challenge well!

In this case, investing in content will make the product and/or service known and awaken needs. By educating the market, it is possible to launch trends and identify blue oceans where to act.

2. Gain of authority

In the information age, being a source of good references is a differential to be considered. Therefore, 93% of professionals use content marketing in complex sales.

When the market recognizes the company as a producer of quality content, it attracts leads. People will feel motivated to disclose this material and the business image as well. Over time, this adds authority to the brand. Making it the first alternative in the minds of those looking for a solution in the area.

3. Creating a business relationship

Consumers increasingly want personalized service. Investing in pre-sales and content marketing in complex sales is a powerful combination. Adding interactivity on networks to contact the pre-salesperson, a relationship is created. This weighs heavily in the purchase decision!

4. Credibility and security

Associating pre-sales and content marketing in complex sales brings credibility to the company and security to the negotiation.

Take a good look: The lead trusts the company and recognizes it as an authority. He has access to the data exposed in the content. Finally, he has the help of a consultative commercial process, capable of clearing up any doubts.

Do you see how this is a consistent and reliable methodology? This is how the lead needs to feel to move forward in the negotiation.

5. Business Intelligence

In addition to the benefits, it is possible to collect data for the Marketing and Sales departments. The following information must be obtained:

  • Number of clicks X time spent on each page;
  • Percentage of downloads of material made available;
  • Topics that perform better among personas;
  • Meeting scheduling data;
  • Sales conversion rate.

During the purchase journey, you can monitor lead behavior and use it as a basis for future predictions and actions. This facilitates contacts, making them more productive.

The results will be even faster and better with a lead segmentation and qualification methodology. We recommend using Pre-Sales alongside content marketing for complex sales. Thus, efforts will be focused on the best opportunities.

With customizable reports, it is easier to create an assertive and efficient nutrition flow. The software generates intuitive graphs that can be sent to streamline the data analysis process.

We hope this read on content marketing in complex sales has been of value to you.


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