Is E-mail Marketing Still Worth it?

Is E-mail Marketing Still Worth it?

Many believe that E-mail Marketing’s days are numbered. With the intense use of social networks, some consider this an invasive tool, that arrives in inboxes without asking for permission. But spam is not E-mail Marketing!

Even though social networks are great tools for contacting your audience, E-mail Marketing is still – very – worth it! With good practices and strategies for talking to your audience, and leads interested in your products or services, this can be an efficient way to retain consumerscreate fansattract new customers, and generate more sales for your business. Don’t leave E-mail Marketing out of your Digital Marketing strategies.


What is email marketing?

As we said, E-mail Marketing is not spam. You know that style of email with an unknown recipient that presents an offer or service that doesn’t interest the recipient – ​​and that with a good email filter will get stuck in the junk folder? This email should not be part of any marketing strategy.

For E-mail Marketing to be efficient, it must deliver the right message to the person who is interested in your content and at the most appropriate time for them! For example: it is the email sent by the organizer of the event you recently participated in, the blog you decided to subscribe to the newsletter, the e-commerce company where you purchased a product in the last few weeks… Do you notice the difference? A marketing email reaches the inbox of someone who may be interested in your message.


Content for email marketing

Knowing that most email users check their inboxes at least once a day, companies can use E-mail Marketing to spread news, updates, or promotions and be seen. The content sent should aim to increase sales, strengthen relationships with your customers, and make them increasingly engaged with the brand!

With the advantage of being a flexible tool, by including E-mail marketing in your strategies, you can vary the content presented, the message template, day and time of sending. All this is to test which marketing emails have the best performance.

How to do email marketing for your company

Email Marketing Strategy

As with all other Digital Marketing practicesE-mail Marketing must be done according to your company’s strategy, which can be one or several at the same time. Sell ​​more, build relationships with older customers, publicize events… These are all valid strategies, and they need to be well-defined for Email Marketing to contribute to your company’s achievements. Content planning, frequency, broadcast lists, email campaigns: everything is part of the strategy! Furthermore, it is extremely important that each email marketing has a unique, well-defined objective, with a well-defined CTA (call to action or expected user action). By adhering to this approach, the likelihood of achieving a successful conversation is increased.


Email list

Who are you going to talk to? Sending relevant content to those who are interested in what your company has to say is essential for the good performance of your E-mail Marketing strategies. There is no point in creating cool content, but sending it to emails that don’t exist or to people who have never heard of you, or who are already at another point of purchase. Imagine that you use an email marketing strategy to sell properties. If the customer has already purchased the property, there is no point in impacting them with offer content. Now it’s time to strengthen the relationship. How about sending emails with other topics such as referral offers, or even decorating ideas for a baby’s room, assuming you know that the buyers’ family will grow? Use the imagination. Put yourself in your client’s shoes!

Capturing leads to send your message must be done consistently ( no buying mailings out there! ): invest in the creation of landing pages, events, in registration forms published on your social networks, blog, or website. Think about how you can reach your target audience and how you can make them interested in receiving your news!



Once you’ve gained the interest and trust of your target audience and have a list of email addresses, don’t drop the ball! Present relevant content, that is in line with your strategy, and which meets the needs of those interested in your brand – whether offering news, curiosities, promotions…

Make a good calendar of your company’s actions, including launches, events, and news to publicize in your Email Marketing. Take advantage of opportunities to draw the attention of your readers, creating a relationship with them. And don’t forget to use Seasonal Marketing to benefit your company. Enjoy the commemorative dates throughout the months!


Voice tone

The brand’s tone of voice is the way you are recognized in the digital environment – ​​on social networks and in E-mail Marketing. The tone of voice, in addition to being your brand’s personality, is a way to make it more human and closer to your reader. With a well-defined tone of voice, your brand can be recognized as soon as it reaches your target audience’s inbox. And if you’ve been presenting good content, he’ll want to open the message right away!


Call to Action

Don’t forget to include a clear call to action (CTA) in your   Email Marketing. In Portuguese: “The call to action!” Remind your reader to follow your company on social media, read other content on your blog, and discover a new product on your website… By including a call like this, it is very likely that your audience, who is interested in you and has read your Email Marketing until the end, continue with you on another channel.

Call To Action Examples

  • Buy now
  • I want to get a discount
  • subscribe now
  • Watch a month of free
  • Subscribe to the newsletter
  • I want to receive more offers
  • Redeem coupon
  • Download the spreadsheet for free
  • Download the e-book
  • I want to receive the e-book


Analysis and testing

Digital Marketing is constantly changing: updates and new platforms emerge all the time. Therefore, constant analysis and reformulation of strategies is part of the routine of marketing professionals. Observe the performance of the E-mail Marketing campaigns you have sent: how many people opened your messages, how long it took them to read, whether they clicked on any content, and whether they responded to the call to action … Everything is valid so that you know how to improve the content you are sending, also choosing the best day and time!


Discover some email marketing tools

To send E-mail Marketing, your company needs to have a specialized tool. Several free and paid options on the market can meet your needs. You need to know who your audience is and what your strategies are, so that you know which E-mail Marketing tool best suits your company. Find out the maximum number of emails that can be sent per month, for example, as well as the number of email addresses you can include in a sending list.

Don’t forget that, in addition to these tools, you need to worry about content production. As in many cases, you may need specialized help creating content for your company’s Email Marketing! Know your needs well so that you can also meet those of your target audience.


Don’t make your email marketing spam!

We’ve already talked about this, but it’s always worth highlighting: having a good E-mail Marketing strategy is important so that you won’t be invasive, becoming spam in your target audience’s inbox. Establish an interesting periodicity for your E-mail Marketing (not too little, not too much!). Current sending tools even offer scheduling, audience control, and A/B testing options that transform   E-mail Marketing into an efficient moment of contact with the customer.

Need help implementing E-mail Marketing in your company’s digital strategies? Get in touch with us.


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