Lead Nurturing In Marketing: How It Is Applied

Lead Nurturing In Marketing: How It Is Applied

A  lead is a contact that the company has and that coincides with a user who has shown interest in the products and services it offers, so the process of converting them into a business customer is much faster, easier, and more profitable.

Lead nurturing is a technique that seeks to nurture these contacts to expand the lead database so that the company can develop its conversion strategies with the highest percentage of success by focusing on really interested users.

What is  lead nurturing

Contact feeding or lead nurturing is a  marketing technique used to cultivate and maintain a long-term relationship with a company’s contacts using automated and personalized marketing techniques.

The objective of lead nurturing is to accompany leads throughout all phases of the purchase cycle, from the first interaction or contact, during the purchase decision, and even in the post-purchase stage. Thanks to this accompaniment in the customer journey, or customer journey,  lead nurturing helps to get more loyal customers, who will buy again in the future and who will recommend the site to their immediate surroundings (friends, co-workers, relatives…).

With lead nurturing,  leads are nurtured with content adapted to the stage of their customer journey, which makes it possible to create a more valuable and beneficial relationship (both for the company and the potential customer himself).

Advantages of  lead nurturing

Lead nurturing is an online marketing technique that provides numerous benefits when it comes to attracting customers, increasing sales, and improving loyalty. Let’s see what are the main advantages it offers:

Facilitate contact with the potential customer

By maintaining constant and personalized communication with potential customers, a  relationship of greater trust is established that facilitates conversion. The company has a deeper and more real knowledge of the needs of the leads,  so it can offer them products and services that solve their problems.

Know the phase of the purchase process

This technique allows you to identify the phase of the purchase process the contact is in,  thus facilitating decision-making to achieve conversion.

Thanks to lead nurturing, the company will be able to adapt the message and optimize the processes that the user must follow during their customer journey, making them much more satisfied at the end of the trip.

Open new market opportunities

With this digital marketing technique, the company can find new market niches or opportunities that were hidden. This is a natural way to expand the business and reach new customer profiles by identifying new needs or demands from potential customers.

Keys to applying lead nurturing  on your website

Nurturing in marketing is a key technique to be able to have a valuable contact base on which it is easier, faster, and more profitable to develop conversion strategiesLet’s see how you can apply lead nurturing on your website or e-commerce,  and thus achieve maximum benefits.

Make a good segmentation

Having defined the exact profile of the type of contact or lead that is sought to be nurtured will help make better decisions throughout the process to apply this digital marketing technique.

Create attractive and interesting content

It is important to create quality and relevant content for potential customers, that is, attractive content that helps them solve their problems and satisfy their needs.

Simplify the contact process

In lead capture,  the process of getting the user’s contact details is critical. Simplifying this process will help to get the data naturally, without the user being faced with a complex task or extra effort (only asking for the really necessary data, even just the email and name, for example).

Bet on a multichannel strategy

In a digitized environment like the current one, multiple communication channels are interesting for nurturing contacts with personalized content:

  • Social networks. It is currently the most important channel because it allows direct and immediate interaction with contacts.
  • Email marketing Through email, contacts can be reached with a personalized and attractive message.
  • Telemarketing Direct contact by phone is still a good way to get to know the customer better and guide him through the buying process.
  • Blog. On your website’s blog or online store, providing valuable and engaging content can help you attract genuine leads who are interested in your company’s products and services. This way, you can capture qualified leads naturally.

We have seen what lead nurturing is and why it is a very interesting technique to ensure that the contacts that the company captures are of quality and facilitate the entire conversion process. You can access the best advertising and digital marketing services so that you can improve your company’s web positioning and develop the best conversion strategies.


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