Tips to Make Better Email Marketing Campaigns.

Tips to Make Better Email Marketing Campaigns.

Currently, the email marketing technique is one of the most effective ways to reach the customer. Through this marketing strategy, you can report new releases, temporary offers, promotions, events, etc. It is also a very good loyalty technique. For more information about email marketing, you can review one of our previous blog posts where we talked about it. We show you the link to our article, Why should you add a newsletter to your digital strategy?

If you have not yet read the previous post about email marketing, we recommend you do so. In it, we explain what a newsletter is for, and the steps you must take to get the best results from your campaigns.

Tips to Make Better Email Marketing Campaigns.
Once you know this information, we will see some tips to make your email marketing campaigns much more effective.

We are talking about a completely saturated market since there are many companies that use this technique for their communication strategy. We can say that we receive dozens of emails a day, right? However, the objective of companies is to get their customers to open and see the content of the messages. Next, we tell you some practices that you must implement to achieve the latter.

Reach user

We refer to the average opening of the campaigns we send. It is essential that the email subject is striking and that it captures the user’s attention. Just by reading the subject, the purpose of that email should be clear to them, that is, to show very clearly the benefit it provides or the offer that you are going to tell them.


It will also be vitally important that you identify yourself. Normally, if the sender of an email cannot be distinguished, there is usually no initiative to open the message since it does not convey trust.


If your users are segmented into different groups, you should take this into account when sending your newsletter, because you may need to run a campaign for each segment. This takes more hours of work, but in the long run, it is much more effective, since, in a way, you are offering a personalized campaign for each group of people.

Avoid spam

The first step in any email marketing campaign will be to reach the user’s inbox. If we don’t get there, any other effort will be useless since the user will not see the campaign.

One of the key factors to avoid this will be to be clear about your database. If you send your campaigns to users who don’t want to see them, you’ll end up in their spam trays, and this doesn’t help you in any way, so you’ll have to clean up that list.


Another important factor will be the content of the message. We must avoid sending campaigns with only images or videos since the weight of these can send us headlong into the spam tray. In conclusion, the text is essential in any email.

Tips to Make Better Email Marketing Campaigns.

The content

Speaking of content, it must be clear and concise, and must follow the following structure:

  •  Entering email information
  • The development of the message
  • The so-called Call To Action

The introduction should be a kind of summary of the argumentative text of the email, but without exceeding two sentences.

Regarding the content of the text, it must be clear what offer or benefit we are trying to communicate. Try not to think too much about what you want to communicate, since we must take into account that users will surely receive dozens of emails similar to yours.

Images and visual elements will help you liven up the message by making it more visual. Finally, be careful with the use of capital letters; they do not help and generate noise when reading the message.

The Call To Action (CTA) must be a very clear call to action, with a short but concise message. If it is a button, it should send the user to the correct site. There is nothing more confusing than a wrong button.

We hope that these practices will be of interest and useful for your future email marketing campaigns. If you have not yet added this technique to your strategy, at Perseus we help you implement it in your business. Do not hesitate to contact us.


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