Understand what UX is and how it impacts your sales!

Understand what UX is and how it impacts your sales!

Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty through usefulness, ease of use, and pleasure provided when interacting with products and/or services.

If this is what you want for your company, it is important to understand what UX is and how it can contribute to the success of the business.

That is precisely what we will talk about in this article. Think about it: would you spend your money on a disorganized and sloppy-looking website? Even if the offer is cool and the item is quality, it probably isn’t.

This is because the smallest details can make all the difference in the purchasing process. And this is exactly where UX comes into play. 

Given such importance, we prepared this content to address the main points on the subject. You will see what UX is and how it impacts sales. Continue reading and check it out.

What is UX?

Although this question is simple, the answer is a little complicated and sometimes somewhat controversial. However, before answering it, we couldn’t help but mention that the term UX means “User Experience”.

That said, let’s get to the answer. According to John Amir-Abbassi, a user researcher at Dropbox, UX is an approach to design (hence also called UX Design) that takes into account all aspects of a product or service that relate to the consumer experience. 

This includes not only the beauty and function (usability and accessibility) of an artifact or environment but also pleasure and emotion. It is for this reason that UX Design is a field of work that involves a certain complexity, as it searches for “things” that are more difficult to design and achieve.

In this context, websites and applications are increasingly dependent on this concept. When not applied, the chances of success are minimal. Or do you think that an e-commerce that is aesthetically clumsy and not very functional will be able to become a standout in sales? Of course not!

Another point worth highlighting is that UX is directly related to UI, which means “User Interface”. Due to the similarity between the terms, many think that they correspond to the same thing, which is not true (we will show the differences throughout the article).

How important is UX Design for business?

Now that you know what UX is, you must be wondering how important it is for the business, right? Well, to do this, just reflect a little about the influence of good user experience, which includes:

– increased reliability in your brand;

– greater ease of adding more value to your products

– gaining credibility for your services.

With this, the tendency is for you to be able to seduce and win over customers more and more. The consequence, therefore, could be nothing other than increased sales.

However, be aware that the opposite also occurs. In other words, poor-quality UX Design will bring your results down, there is no doubt about that. Therefore, remember that the first impression is the last!

Therefore, it is easy to understand why UX is so important for the business. In short, applying it correctly will contribute to sales and customer loyalty. 

Apple is the one who applies it like no one else, whether in its operating system (iOS) or its programs, products, and services: for this technology giant, everything revolves around the user experience.

​What are the differences between UX and UI?

It is natural for concepts to be confused since both UX and UI correspond to users’ interaction with a website or product.

By the way, we will take websites as “guinea pigs” from now on, as understanding the distinctions between UX and UI will be made easier under this item.

To be as brief as possible, while the UI deals with the layout, paths, buttons, colors, layout, and logic responsible for the interface that connects design with programming, UX is nothing more than the result of this work.

Confused? Okay, we’ll keep it simple with an example taken from Web designer Depot, a blog at the heart of the Web Design industry. UX and UI were differentiated as follows:

– User Interface (UI) corresponds to the reins and stirrup;

– User Experience (UX) concerns the sensation obtained by being able to ride a horse.

How to invest in UX Design with a focus on increasing profit?

Before we finish this article on what UX is, it is interesting that you know how to invest in this concept to increase the profitability of the business. If you want to increase your sales through your website, start with the following questions:

– Is everything working?

– Are the colors pleasant?

– Is it possible to read and understand everything that is written?

– Is the website crashing?

– Is the speed OK?

– Can I find everything I’m looking for easily?

 Is there anything that seems outdated or out of standard?

By answering them, you will come to a conclusion about which areas or parts of your website will need to be improved to optimize the user experience. Broadly speaking, investments must make it functional (everything in perfect condition) and natural (making the visitor feel at home).

Furthermore, don’t forget the visual aspect (layout as a whole) and performance, making the site a fast and easy-to-navigate environment.

Finally, keep in mind that the application of UX Design should be considered an obligation for any company that wants to grow and stand out in the market. Whether on the web or off, in the offline world, consumer preferences are being dictated by the user experience.

We hope you liked this article and understood what UX is. If so, share the text on your social networks so that your colleagues can also learn about the subject!


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