Web Redesign: Benefits For Your Website

Web Redesign: Benefits For Your Website

Companies and the market constantly evolve, something that should be reflected in their web pages or online stores. Web redesign is a fundamental activity to adapt the web to the new changes and ensure that the experience of the users who visit it is always satisfactory.

Web design and its maintenance are two key tasks for any company, but redesign is also a very important process to keep the site updated and in the best conditions, The goal is to appeal to a vast audience and gain many users.

What is web redesign?

Redesigning a website is a  process that consists of modifying, improving, and optimizing its structure, design, content, and functionalities to offer a better user experience. Web redesign is a crucial part of the life cycle of a site, where it adapts to new market needs in different important aspects such as technology, security, performance, and design.

In an environment as dynamic as web design and development, the useful life of a portal barely reaches three years, and it is necessary to make changes and improvements due to the appearance of new web technologies and design trends.

How to redesign your website

The redesign of your web page, blog, or e-commerce is a process that you must face efficiently to get the most out of your investment. Let’s see some recommendations when tackling this redesign

Hire professional web design services

Nexo Virtual are expert in web design and development, and they offer you professional services so that you can redesign your online platforms so that they are updated and adapted to the demands of users and the current market.

Leaving the entire process of changing and improving your website in their hands will guarantee you the best results since they have highly qualified programmers with extensive experience creating and redesigning all kinds of websites.

Perform an audit

Before facing the change process, it is very important to do a web audit to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the site. With this information, it will be much easier to know what changes, improvements, and updates are necessary to make the web more attractive, and useful and offer better performance.

Loading speed and mobile adaptability

It is very relevant to assess two key aspects when addressing a process of improvement and change of a web portal.

  • Loading speed is one of the most important factors for web positioning and user experience and has a direct impact on key aspects such as the bounce rate or the residence time. In an efficient design of a website, focusing on speeding up the loading time must be a priority today.
  • Most users currently browse the internet or make online purchases from their smartphones.  For this reason, mobile adaptability must be taken into special consideration in the web redesign process.

Implement new technologies

In the redesign process, it is very interesting to bet on new technologies that are trending and that are having a great impact on the marketFor example, when redesigning a website, an intelligent online chat system can be included to improve user interaction with the company.

Focus on security

During the web redesign, priority must be given to cybersecurity, that is, to carry out the necessary actions in terms of design, structure, utilities, and systems that allow for increasing the security level of the portal.

A secure website will be more reliable for users, which will allow them to browse its content and functionalities without worries, as well as share their data  (email,  online payments…).

Advantages of redesigning your website

Redesigning a website professionally provides a series of very interesting benefits, among which we can highlight:

  • Increase web traffic,  by adapting the site to the most important positioning criteria of Google and other search engines.
  • Project a better image of the business, related to positive concepts such as professionalism, innovation, and technology.
  • Differentiate yourself from the competition by first adopting new technologies and design trends.
  • Decrease the number of users that bounce and increase the average stay time of users, by providing a website with a better user experience.
  • Get more conversions such as sales, subscriptions, or downloads, by providing an environment that makes it easy for users to navigate and access calls to action.


Web redesign is a task that every website has to face periodically to guarantee continuous improvement. The web environment is very dynamic, where new technologies and trends constantly appear, forcing us to improve, update, and adapt web portals to these new alternatives.


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