What Are Rich Snippets And How Can You Get Them?

What Are Rich Snippets And How Can You Get Them?

Being able to appear in  Google’s rich snippets provides great advantages to a company, such as a notable increase in its visibility (increased web traffic), improvement of the business image, and attracting new customers.

Specialists in digital marketing offer you professional services so that you can optimize your online store or website, and get your content to appear as a featured fragment in the SERPs or Google results pages.

What is a  rich snippet?

A  rich snippet is a  snippet of additional information that appears in Google search results along with the web page title and description.

These snippets of information provide users with a preview of what they will find on the page and can include information such as product reviews, event times, star ratings, recipes, etc.

The different types of  rich snippets

Different types of rich snippets can be used on a web page to improve the presentation of information in Google search results. Some of the most  common or used rich snippets are described below :

Featured snippet  or rich snippet

This type of snippet highlights a direct answer to the query that the user made in Google,  showing it at the top of the search results (before the sponsored results and the first organic results). It is one of the most efficient ways to display key information in a quick and easy-to-understand way.

Rich snippets  of events

These are featured snippets that show information about different events such as concerts, presentations, galas, etc.

When the user performs a related search, the event-rich snippet is displayed in the first position of the SERP, offering valuable information about the event (such as the date and time and the place of celebration).

Rich  business snippet

This is one of the most interesting featured snippets for companies, as it provides valuable information about it on the results pages. Among these data of interest that are offered in the Google SERPs, we can highlight:

  • Business location (showing it on Google Maps).
  • Opening and closing hours.
  • Contact details (phone or email).
  • Social networks.

Rich  product snippet

They are the fragments that respond to a transactional search, where the user intends to find out about a product or service for its acquisition.

Products are displayed on the SERPs in a special format, where relevant information such as their name, some important features, and their price are displayed.

A rich snippet  of  reviews

This is a Google highlighted snippet complementary to the product rich snippet, but where information about customer opinion is displayed,  such as the rating they have given to the product or the comments they have left on their product sheets.

A rich snippet  of a person

When searches are intended to get information about a person,  Google prominently displays data about that person at the top of the SERPs. This type of data is usually the name and surname, profession, position in the company where you work, photographs, etc.

How can you use them on your website?

The process for implementing rich snippets consists of selecting the type of snippet you want to achieve, implementing the appropriate HTML code and structure, and performing validation of this data (to verify that there are no errors and that Google bots can process them correctly and properly).

Advantages of using  rich snippets

The most interesting benefits that you will obtain with a strategy focused on  rich snippets  are:

  • Increased visibility on the SERPs.  By appearing prominently on the SERPs, they will grab the attention of users and increase the visibility of the page.
  • Increase click rate. Users who search on Google end up visiting the pages that appear in the top positions, so Google snippets are ideal for increasing web traffic.
  • Increase user confidence. Featured snippets can provide additional information that shows the relevance and quality of the content on the page. In addition, those that show product ratings or reviews help increase user confidence (help increase conversions).
  • Improve the user experience. Google rich snippets show valuable information for the user, which usually matches their search intent, so the user will be more satisfied.


To position yourself in Google,  rich snippets are one of the most interesting elements, since they are displayed in a prominent and privileged place on the results pages.

Getting the content of a site to appear in the featured snippets can be a complex process due to the high level of competitiveness, so counting on us is betting on a professional digital marketing agency with years of experience.


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