Why is endpoint security so important in your company?

Why is endpoint security so important in your company?

When it comes to Information Security, endpoint security is the approach to protecting a corporate network, when accessed, both by internal and remote methods, such as tablets, servers, smartphones, etc. This protection software is inserted into all network servers and all company devices.

Its literal translation means “end point” and it can be used in IT to determine communication access points to an application or as part of a network security structure.

With this in mind, we prepared this text to demonstrate how endpoint security is fundamental for your company. Keep reading!

What is endpoint security?

Endpoint security consists of an approach related to corporate network protection and works with monitoring status, in addition to software. Thus, this tool would be a device connected to the network, such as a cell phone or computer and this solution is installed on company servers, whose objective is to monitor and act against possible risks.

Your security aims to protect all computers and devices on the corporate network and requires protection planning that covers the entire IT infrastructure. Endpoint security differs from antivirus, as its objective is to protect a specific device.

It is important to remember that this tool also adopts other security mechanisms. Typically, it inserts a service model between the server and client, which has units implemented in each of them, with the main one being present on the server and the agents being placed on the devices.

Using this integration, the company can block access and maintain endpoint security. This practice is capable of preventing information leaks, attacks, system unavailability, and decreased production by employees.

How important is it for the company’s security?

Its main importance in security is its proactive nature. Its objective is to cover a certain area, which is the connected tools, from possible external attacks. In this way, this mechanism acts even before the possibility of an attack on the company.

The strategy that endpoint security uses to cover such breaches is of great importance due to the technological evolution of threats. Previously, firewalls were able to protect companies against attacks. However, new threats like encryption malware have become more difficult to detect and combat.

Thus, firewalls began to change their development actions, focusing more on the area of ​​internal traffic filtering rather than protection. Typically, endpoint security solutions provide other benefits compared to common antiviruses. One of them is additional protections that go beyond malware since not all malware is considered a virus.

Another point is about the scalability of antivirus applications. The protection that these programs offer works through unique signature identifications that classify malware or viruses. However, every time this type of problem is identified, this process is executed again, and if a different key is detected, then a new identification must be created and the antivirus can control these identifications in an information bank.

 Specifically, the same malware can present itself in several ways and the large number of these threats that exist can make antiviruses less efficient on current systems.

It should also be noted that there are viruses known as polymorphic, which can modify their source code, making their detection and tracking more difficult.

What are the advantages of endpoint security for your company?

This tool has several benefits for companies. See some of them below.

Cost reduction

An endpoint security system is much more affordable than purchasing separate components to guarantee the protection of each device that is connected to the network. It is only necessary to purchase the solution and it already has server and client software to be inserted into all devices.

Blocking unwanted actions

Even if it is unintentional, intrusions can frequently occur in companies. If an employee, for example, places an infected pen drive on the company’s computer, this can cause major system vulnerability.

For this reason, many companies have security policies that prevent employees from inserting internal tools into workstations. That’s why it’s important to have endpoint security solutions, as this tool helps block this type of activity.

Simple interaction with new technologies

Systems evolution can be carried out much faster and safer since updates occur in just one program. This way, it is possible to keep up with the company’s new needs, updating all tools quickly.

Centralized administration

You can centralize your network through this system. In this way, the IT infrastructure administrator or outsourced company becomes an endpoint security manager, being responsible for controlling and granting use of the platform.

Furthermore, it can audit security, monitor the network, and access reports, among others. These measures take place through an orchestrator or remote management portal.

Easy installation

You only need to install and configure the central server responsible for network security. Authorized people will only be able to access the network by installing the client on their devices. Configuring the client server is very easy and its usability is very simple. Furthermore, once configured, security will be constantly monitored.

However, to do this you need to look for a security provider that offers a solution that meets your needs and is of high quality. It is recommended to carry out market research and analyze the reputation of available companies to make the right decision.

Finally, it is clear about the importance of implementing endpoint security in a corporate network. This is because this tool is capable of identifying, monitoring, and blocking possible threats, offering a much safer environment for the company’s work routine.

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