Everything You Need to Know About WordPress

Everything You Need to Know About WordPress

WordPress is considered one of the most important and most used content management programs by society. This is used by both individuals and companies to create a space in which to share personal stories, trips, experiences, services, or products. It is currently one of the most intuitive and easy-to-use programs, a world leader. 

Originally WordPress used HTML, a fairly complex system for most users. Creating content with this way of working became a slow and complex process. Later the CMS would be born, this web application allows the user to create content easily and dynamically. In this way, it is no longer necessary to have programming knowledge. The CMS internally is the one that generates the HTML without the user having to intervene in this process. Thus, WordPress is much more accessible and can be used by more people, making it easy for almost the majority to learn WordPress.

What kind of pages can be created with WordPress?

WordPress is a well-known solution for creating blogs, however, it is currently used to create any type of web page. In this way, you can access two types of plans wordpress.com or wordpress.org. The latter is much more dynamic and complete since it gives the user greater freedom and allows them to install new themes and plugins without any type of limit. Usually, it is the companies that use this type of plan to create their website. Many well-known brands have created their websites with WordPress. 

With this content manager, you can create personal blogs, online stores, magazines, corporate websites, educational platforms, and newspapers. This content manager allows you to create a large multitude of web formats, which is why it becomes a tool for many companies. 

First steps with WordPress 

To access WordPress it is necessary to register and have an account. Once inside, different plans will appear that also include hosting. WordPress has a free option to get started. However, it is usually advisable to choose one of the payment options since it allows you to choose your domain name and prevents unwanted ads from appearing. 

WordPress has a large number of templates 

The content manager offers the user multiple templates so that they can create their website. Templates are an element that helps the user when designing their website. They are closed models that include a specific typography, a color, and a font size. There are many free options, but you can also find paid ones, these usually include more functions and allow you to customize more. Usually, the changes that can be made in the free templates are changes in the images used in the header or the logo. Most templates can also be modified with CSS, however, this will require outside knowledge or help.

In any case, it is very important that the design is attractive and that it invites the user to browse the web to purchase the products or services that are being offered. To achieve this, key factors such as navigability and a beautiful design must be taken into account. Navigability is a concept that will help customers to move around the page comfortably. As for the design, you can always resort to basic editors such as Canva, which also has very attractive templates to create the necessary images. 

With time and with the advanced page it will reach a point where it is very important to have knowledge or hire an expert to help in the process of cleaning the WordPress database. Having an optimized database will help the website to function correctly and have a proper loading time. It will also help make copies comfortable and regular. The database is a very important part of the web and is in charge of saving all the information from entries, comments, topics, categories, users, and passwords. It stores all the information necessary for the web to function properly. 

Having an optimized and ordered database is essential, eliminating data that is not really of interest is important to always be able to recover what is of real interest to the user. 

Learning WordPress is a step that can guarantee a job position and that helps launch new projects, especially now that we live in a world that is increasingly connected to the network. Most people are using the internet not only to consume content but also to make a large number of purchases, from basic products, clothes, and jewelry to household appliances. It seems that the way of consumption is changing drastically and the internet has become an essential tool.  


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