10 Tips on How to Take a Photo For e-commerce

10 Tips on How to Take a Photo For e-commerce

In e-commerce, the product photo is one of the main factors for successful salesIt is through the photo that the customer can have a more realistic idea of ​​the product he is taking home and, therefore, it is in this image that he deposits all his purchase expectations.

And it’s more than that! It’s no use just having an image of your product, but presenting it with the necessary quality and all the details that your consumer needs to see to be interested in buying. Research indicates that by increasing the quality of product photos, the conversion rate increases considerably! So, invest in the images!

Don’t know how to improve the photos in your e-commerce? We prepared 10 tips for you!


1.     Make photos that are your differential!

Purchases made via e-commerce are a little more rational than those made at the supermarket. Usually, the buyer has done a lot of research before deciding to buy from a store. If prices are similar, a good image is a differential factor for the purchase decision. It conveys the idea of ​​a more professional and reliable store, concerned with the quality of what it is offering to sell.

2.     Hire a professional photographer!

This has everything to do with the first tip. If you want to show that you stand out from other stores with more complete and persuasive images, you need someone who knows how to do this. Even if you have some notion of photography, the work will be much more beautiful and professional if it is done by a photographer. Don’t skimp on this part. Always remember the increase in conversion!

3.     Think like the user!

Have a predefined script for your e-commerce photos. Remember that each product requires a different way of viewing, that is, if for an outfit volume is fundamental, for a piece of jewelry the important thing is to show the minuscule details of its composition in the image. Imagine that you are the one who is going to buy and think about what you would like to know before paying for that product.

4.     Pay attention to the site’s visual unit!

Plan your product images specifically for your site content. It may seem obvious, but a lack of attention to standards in sizes, formats, and placements can leave your site a mess for the user!

5.     Always white background!

Remember that the most important thing is to show the details of your product, so a white background is the best way. The less unnecessary elements, the better.

6.     Photograph the use of the product!

It’s that idea of ​​thinking like the user. What would you want to know if you were buying this part online? Does her size matter? Place the part relative to another object, or even to the body of the model. It helps to get an idea of ​​proportion. Putting the size in the description requires the user more time to think, and that’s not what you want!

7.     Name the image relevant!

The name of the image is just as important as the image itself. An accurate description of what the image shows is critical to achieving organic searches on Google Images. It’s one more way for the user to find your store!

8. High-resolution photos!

As we already know, details are often fundamental in the product. To see fabric, textures, embroidery, etc., the user will need to zoom in on the photo. If the image is small, it will only bring frustration.

9.     360º photo

If your product has important details on all sides, a great option is the 360º photo! In motion, it shows everything your consumer needs to know to buy right away!

See how the 360º photo works!

10.     Ghost Photo

Finally, if the volume is important for your product or the fit to the body, a great alternative is Foto Ghost, which erases the model and leaves all body modeling in evidence.



These were SEO Master’s tips on how to take great pictures for your e-commerce. Was there any doubt? Did you remember another important tip? Send your comment!


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