What Is CTR And How Can You Calculate It?

What Is CTR And How Can You Calculate It?

The current digital market is highly competitive due to the large number of companies that operate from anywhere in the world, which makes it very important to develop and monitor sales, marketing, and advertising strategies to make the best decisions and achieve some good results.

The CTR is one of the most important metrics that you can measure on a website, especially if it is a business focused on conversion, as is the case with an online business.  Next, we will see what CTR is and how to improve this metric so that your company can increase its sales.

What is the CTR and what is it for?

CTR ( Click Through Rate ) has the meaning, in marketing,  of the rate of clicks, and refers to the number of clicks or clicks that a product sheet, advertisement, or call to action obtains in a given space of time, and serves to measure the effectiveness of an advertising strategy. Google itself indicates that the CTR is ideal for measuring the performance of keywords and ads on a website or online store.

This metric (or KPI if it is used associated with a specific objective) is very important for a website, electronic commerce, and digital advertising campaigns since it allows evaluating the number of interactions that have been achieved.

How to measure CTR

To measure the percentage of clicks or CTR, a simple mathematical formula must be applied:

Calculating the click-through rate (CTR) involves dividing the total number of clicks by the total number of views.

The CTR is usually presented as a percentage, so the previous formula must be multiplied by 100 to obtain this percentage value.

Let’s imagine an online store that has a total of 4,000 impressions on the Google results pages for a week, and that, during that period, has obtained 60 visits (that is, users have clicked on the link in the SERPs that leads to your website). The CTR calculation would be (4000 / 60) * 100 = 1.5%.

View CTR in Google Search Console

Google Search Console is a free online tool from Google itself that allows you to check the CTR of your website or e-commerce.  This platform, formerly known as Webmaster Tools, offers this information in the  ” Search Traffic” section, within the  “Search analysis / Pages and CTR” option, where it shows a list of the different keywords and their CTR or percentage of clicks.

Monitor CTR in Google Analytics

Another interesting web portal to monitor the CTR of your site is Google Analytics, which among the many metrics that allow you to consult your website, includes the click rate.

Tips to increase CTR

Let’s see a series of tips or recommendations so that you can improve the click-through rate of your website.

Know what CTR is good

You must know what the ideal CTR is for your web project, so you can use this metric as a KPI to control if you are reaching the objectives set.

Depending on the type of business, target audience, market competition, and other relevant factors, the ideal CTR varies. For example, Google itself places a good click rate at 2%, while a social network like Facebook indicates a range between 0.6 and 1.2%.

Optimize Titles

The titles are the first thing that users read, so it is essential to optimize them to capture their attention and, finally, click on the link to learn more.

To improve the titles and make them more striking and attractive, it is important to bet on creativity and differentiation  (use figures, include words in capital letters, use emoticons…).

The power of images

Photographs and images are very interesting elements to increase the click-through rate due to their visual strength. Using quality images with interesting and impressive content is a good tactic to improve CTR.

Bet on audiovisual content

The CTR in marketing and advertising is an essential metric, and increasing its percentage is always among the main goals of every company. Audiovisual content is an alternative that more and more companies are using due to the great results it offers.

Social networks such as  YouTube or TikTok, or the new video content offered by  Facebook and Instagram, are ideal channels for offering interesting audiovisual content that helps to significantly improve the click-through rate.

Use the best calls to action

The calls to action,  or calls to action, are key elements to increase the CTR. It consists of using different eye-catching elements and placing them at visible points to guide the user to perform a certain action, for example, a click or tap on a link.

The optimization of calls to action will help your advertising or sales campaigns achieve greater interaction.

We have talked about the  CTR, what it is, how you can easily calculate it, and what actions you can take to increase its value.

An advertising agency with extensive experience in the sector offers you a personalized service taking into account the needs and characteristics of your company.  Help you increase your CTR  and design and implement the best advertising and digital marketing strategies for your business.


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