How to improve your visibility on LinkedIn: Tips to keep in mind

How to improve your visibility on LinkedIn: Tips to keep in mind

LinkedIn is an excellent tool to get a job or to attract new clients if you have a Business-to-business (B2B) business model. But how to achieve these objectives? First of all, you have to get them to see you. If your potential clients don’t know you, you will never be able to capture their interest. Therefore, we have stopped to explain how to improve your visibility on LinkedIn. Because showing yourself to your target audience is essential for the growth of your business.

Tips to increase visibility on your LinkedIn profile

Visibility depends on the steps followed. Therefore, it is important to set a marketing strategy for LinkedIn. Your profile may gain greater visibility, thanks to the tips we have compiled for you. Take note!

1. Complete your profile 100%

If you want others to see you, you have to fully complete your LinkedIn profile. If you have missing sections to fill out, the platform will prioritize other profiles when displayed in the users’ feed. In addition, you will convey more professionalism and, with it, the chances that your visitors will view your profile for a longer time.

2. Use keywords

Did you know that you can improve the positioning of your profile by using keywords? That’s how it is! You can achieve this optimization both on Google and within the platform itself. To do this, remember to include keywords in titles, texts, images, etc. A good Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy is ideal for your LinkedIn profile to have more visibility.

3. Customize your URL

When you create your profile on LinkedIn, a default URL is generated. However, it is a line that may contain a sequence of numbers and letters that are difficult to remember and copy in other web spaces. Therefore, you will gain visibility if you personalize your URL. The idea is to do it with your name and a keyword.

4. Generate content

Content creation is a great ally to increase your visibility on LinkedIn. The platform offers you the possibility of publishing articles, videos, infographics, comments, etc. These contents are very useful for capturing the attention of other users, and interacting with them, thereby reaching an even greater number of people.

5. Participate in groups

Thanks to LinkedIn you can be part of groups related to the topic of your sector. In them, you can network beyond your contacts and share content intended for a specific audience. Additionally, you can create a group and start generating a community within LinkedIn around the topic you choose. It is advisable not to use groups exclusively to promote your products or services, but rather they should be a space for the exchange of knowledge between users with an interest in common topics.

6. Ask for recommendations and feedback

Every time someone recommends you or comments on your profile, publications, work experience, etc., you gain visibility. If you don’t think you have enough recommendations and comments, ask for them! And, if those texts include the keywords that interest you, even better! The more interactions you get on your profile, the more relevant it will be to the platform and it will be shown to a greater number of users.

7. Send backlinks from your LinkedIn profile

As if it were an SEO strategy, backlinks are excellent for improving positioning. And, therefore, the visibility of your profile on LinkedIn. So, don’t hesitate to send backlinks to your LinkedIn profile from whatever sources you can access. For example, you can include them on your website, as well as on other social networks. However, the strategy is much more effective if you get other users to include links to your profile from their different web spaces.

Ready to be seen? Increase your visibility on LinkedIn and succeed!


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