Tips to increase engagement on LinkedIn

Tips to increase engagement on LinkedIn

Do you want to strengthen the link between your contacts and your LinkedIn profile? Can! Indeed, generating relationships of trust and getting your followers to interact frequently is key in any social network. In this post, we bring you the tips you need to increase engagement on LinkedIn. Take note!

How to increase engagement on LinkedIn?

Let’s see what you can do to improve engagement on LinkedIn, a very professional social network where relationships with users are essential to achieve greater visibility and a good reputation. Take note!

Vary the format of your posts

LinkedIn offers different content formats, such as text, images, videos, and documents. Take advantage of this variety to keep your audience interested and engaged. You can share informative articles, infographics, photos from professional events, short videos with relevant tips, or presentations highlighting achievements. The diversity of formats will keep your profile interesting and attract different types of followers.

Create relevant and valuable content

The content should be relevant to your industry or professional field. It offers useful information, insights, trends, or solutions to common problems. Maintain a professional, yet friendly tone, and show your experience and passion in your posts. Instead, avoid excessive promotional content, as people value content that provides genuine value more.

Know your audience and increase engagement

Understand your audience and their interests. Research which topics generate the most engagement among your followers and tailor your posts accordingly. You can do this by reviewing the statistics of your previous posts to see which ones increased engagement the most on LinkedIn.

Set a posting frequency

Post regularly, but not excessively. Establish a schedule that works for you and your audience. Consistency is key to maintaining your followers’ interest.

Participate in the comments

Don’t just post content, get involved in the community. Respond to comments on your posts and thank people who mention you or share your content. Additionally, participate in other users’ publications, providing relevant and constructive comments. This interaction will help you build solid relationships with other professionals and increase your visibility on the platform.

Ask questions to your contacts

Encourage engagement by asking interesting and relevant questions in your posts. Questions generate interaction and encourage conversations in the comments. They can be surveys, questions about current topics, or quizzes to get opinions and perspectives from your audience. Also, answer the questions your followers ask in the comments.

Use strategic hashtags to increase engagement

Hashtags help your posts be found by people interested in specific topicsResearch which hashtags are relevant to your industry and use them appropriately in your posts. On the other hand, it is advisable to limit the use of hashtags in your strategy to a few relevant ones and not overdo it with them.

Mention other users

If you share content related to other users or companies, mention them in your post using the “@” symbol. This will notify the other party and may lead to further interaction. However, make sure the mention is relevant and not just an attempt to get attention.

Creating meaningful connections means a lot for engagement

As a professional, building authentic relationships in your industry is crucial. To achieve this, connect with individuals who share your interests or can benefit from your content. Crafting personalized messages is an excellent way to initiate the process of building an authentic relationship. Therefore, take ample time to compose a request for contact.

Ready to succeed on LinkedIn? By taking care of engagement, you will achieve much more than sales: a community around your profile that can generate good recommendations and new clients who will fall for your charms.


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