Email Marketing Trigger: Free Tools and How to Avoid Spam

Email Marketing Trigger: Free Tools and How to Avoid Spam

An email marketing trigger is an important ally for your company’s digital marketing actions. It allows your messages to be sent and reach your company’s leads, ensuring the escape of SPAM and contributing to the control of results.  

Email is a channel where the message you send goes straight to the right user. No wonder, the digital market offers numerous email marketing trigger tools. They work with many features, such as automatically sending content through the nutrition flow, for example. 

The correct choice of email marketing trigger is essential to prevent your address from being marked as spam.

To help you choose the best email marketing triggers, keep reading and increasing the delivery rates of your campaigns.

What is an email marketing trigger and why is it important for the strategy?

An email marketing trigger is a tool that allows you to build material and send it to the leads registered by the company. 

In addition to sending messages, the best email marketing triggers also present reports with important indicators for optimizing campaigns

Email marketing indicators are essential to improve the company’s future results. They indicate, for example, if there is a problem with the subject of the email being sent, based on the presentation of the open rate.

Through an email marketing trigger tool, it is also possible to:

  • perform A/B tests,
  • create nourishment flows, 
  • automate some of the submissions,
  • escape SPAM and more.

What is spam?

One of the main concerns of those who work with email marketing is that their submission goes to SPAM.

Spams are mass emails sent to a list of contacts without the permission of those leads. It’s those emails you get and think: how does this company have my email? 

Therefore, if your business is going to invest in an email marketing trigger, the first point of attention is: do not buy ready-made email lists

Build your base of qualified contacts through lead capture campaigns on landing pages, on social networks, in the comments fields on the company’s blog, etc.

Otherwise, you’ll get lots of spam tags for your shipping address, and you won’t get any results from your marketing actions.

To better understand how you should proceed, we suggest you access the article, How to get more leads: 10 tactics to expand your base, and take advantage of some of our top tips. 

How do spam filters work?

Spam filters follow a list of criteria that are not 100% known and disclosed. When they review a shipping address, it earns a spam score.

Exceeding some criteria and having a note that does not meet the criteria of the server, the e-mail can be automatically forwarded to the spam box. 

Each email server has its filters to make this selection and even exchange data with each other, but an email can be barred by Gmail, but pass through Hotmail, for example.

Companies also collect data to guide spam filters by user feedback on what they mark as irrelevant content that shouldn’t be in their primary inbox.

Some of the well-known spam filter criteria are:

  • Email Recognition: Emails with a custom ‘to’ field, address saved in the recipient’s contacts and verified domains are ways used to identify whether the user knows the company.
  • IP address number: an e-mail has more chances of being barred from spam if, previously, e-mails considered to be spam have already been sent. 
  • E-mail code structure: The server’s spam filter can block an email if it has a bad code structure or errors. 
  • Content format and editing: the texts and images used to create a marketing email also need to be compliant to pass spam filters. 

10 tips to avoid spam filters

We have already mentioned above, but it is worth emphasizing that the authorization of the contract to receive sales or informational content from the company is fundamental.

Other precautions that will help you stay away from spam boxes are:

  1. Create campaigns with well-defined objectives and clear texts that directly communicate the message, from the subject line to the body of the email;
  2. Include in your contact list only the emails that authorized the contact;
  3. Assemble emails following the company’s visual identity with colors and images that the public is familiar with and associates with your brand;
  4. A/B test to see which type of email content and formatting has the best delivery and engagement rate;
  5. Have an efficient opt-in method;
  6. Never pay for lists without targeting random contacts;
  7. Ask directly for authorization, never assume that the user wants to receive your emails;
  8. Make it clear what the purpose is when asking for permission to send emails;
  9. Once an email enters your database, I quickly forward it to the immediate nutrition stream;
  10. Use email marketing as a tool to enhance your brand.

What is the best tool for email marketing?

When it comes to email marketing services, there are numerous options available, with many reviews for each one. Each service comes with its advantages and disadvantages, depending on your unique requirements.

They come with marketing automation tools, customizable email templates, list-building features, and more to help you get the most out of your email program.

Below we made a top 10 of the best email marketing tools with free trial periods and different paid plan options for you to know:

  1. Drip ;
  2. ExactTarget ;
  3. Vertical Response ;
  4. Marketo ;
  5. Silverpop ;
  6. Mailchimp ;
  7. GetResponse ;
  8. Convertkit ;
  9. ConstantContact ;
  10. ActiveCampaign
  11. [Bonus] LAHAR.

These teach you how to effectively send email marketing, measure its results, and evaluate the performance of each campaign. If you’re new to creating and sending email marketing or want to optimize your results, our checklist “How to Create Your Zero Email Marketing Campaign Without Forgetting Any Detail” and Email Marketing Guide are both free and ideal resources. Additionally, many of the tools we mentioned offer complete digital marketing solutions that automate processes and make managing actions and results easier. To discover how our marketing automation software can help with lead nurturing, inbound marketing, and sales strategies, create an account and try it for free for 7 days.


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