Evergreen Content: What it is, Examples and How it works

Evergreen Content: What it is, Examples and How it works

Evergreen content is content that focuses on a topic that is always relevant to readers, regardless of when they read it.

With so much competition fighting for position in the Google search rankings, we tend to constantly generate new and impactful content. And we launch ourselves to write content that is news, that is fashionable or that will satisfy the demands of the moment.

However, this temporary content will not be relevant within a certain time, that is, it will not generate traffic in the long run.

What is Evergreen content

Evergreen content is perennial content, that is, it is as relevant today as it will be two years from now.

Google returns results to user queries with current articles, but also quality content generated months or years ago, especially if it is updated often.

Does it sound familiar to you to search today, that you had already done a year or more ago, and that you get the same articles that you had already read then?

There are market sectors in which it is more challenging to generate evergreen content. SEO, for example, is a branch of digital marketing that is constantly evolving, and, a post that may be current today, could be obsolete in a few months.

But there are always possibilities to create fresh content in any niche. There is content that has been positioned in the first search results for eight or nine years.

And what does this mean? Which is content that consistently attracts organic traffic, builds trust, and drives conversions.

This type of timeless content, which does not become stale over time and is easy to update, positively influences search engine rankings.

Evergreen content provides value to users and will eventually attract backlinks, which means an increase in domain authority. It will continue to be relevant long after its publication date, and search traffic will grow over time.


What is evergreen content for?

The ROI for evergreen content is incredible. An evergreen item can power a business for years.

Because this type of content often ranks high in search results, it is found more by users and manages to drive organic traffic to your blog at a steady rate over the long term without slowing down.

Offer evergreen content on your blog

Evergreen content should be timeless. And, to be so, it must be optimized, relevant and of quality:

  • Choose a very specific topic that has searches.
  • Demonstrate your authority as an expert on the subject.
  • Create an easy-to-read format with lists, tips, bullet points, images, and elements that make it more visual.
  • Highlight key points in bold.
  • Write short paragraphs.
  • Optimize it for search engines with keywords and good technical SEO.

Keep your content updated

Someone here deserves a slap on the wrist. I have come across clients who by “keeping the content updated” understood that it consisted of changing the publication date.

If an old article is still attracting traffic, you should boost and optimize it by adding content that complements or extends the information you already have.

The popularity of an article can be refreshed by keeping it updated.

Write evergreen content that works for your competition

There are many tools with which you can discover the evergreen content that is working wonderfully for your competitors.

Most of the tools, the best ones, are paid. However, there are also free platforms with which you can discover real gems that will be very useful for your content strategy.

  • Google Trends shows you the trend that a keyword has maintained over time. If the trend is linear and holds the interest of the public over time, you already have a starting point.
  • Investigate in Google’s search engine if your competitors are working on that keyword.
  • There are free extensions, like Keyword Surfer or SEO Quake, that will give you a lot of information about those search results.
  • Get more information on AnswerThePublic about how they are searching for that keyword in question.
  • Prepare an article on that specific topic that is superior in quality to those of your competition.


Examples of evergreen content

Now that you know how to find perennial content for your posts, let’s see what types of content may be the best option for your blog.

It offers very complete tutorials and guides

No standard obliges content to have a certain length. Sometimes a very brief and straight-to-the-point post ranks just as well as a very long one.

But, the longer your article is, the more you will be able to rank for short and long-tail keywords.

Also, if you offer complete information about what users are looking for, they will stay to read everything and they will not need to go to other search results to complement what they have found on your site.

The result? If you manage to position it, all new users looking for that information will end up landing on your blog.

Think about it. If you target people who are looking for how to do this or that and offer them a step-by-step tutorial or guide, you will get a lot of beginners to your article.

In How to Make Money with a Blog, for example, I explain in detail the process of creating a blog and many ways (that work) to monetize it. That post will have to be updated often since everything changes rapidly on the internet, but it is something that arouses a lot of interest among beginners.

Make listings that have to do with your theme

Lists tend to rank very well. Google loves that we give it everything well tied up. Type posts work wonderfully: the best restaurants, programs, blogs, plugins, courses, agencies…


How Evergreen Content Works

As you can see, it is fantastic to generate perennial content on our blog. There are many advantages that it provides and, if we do it right, it will be a way to acquire organic traffic with little effort.

Strengthen your brand

When you write a more generic and temporary post, for a more general audience, it is different than when you do it to be evergreen.

An evergreen content shows that your brand is a severe benchmark in your sector, an authority on that specific subject. Don’t venture, don’t guess, don’t speculate. You provide truthful, verified, and relevant information.

Attract more traffic from search engines

Being content that remains in force for a long time, it is inevitable that it ends up increasing organic traffic, as it will arrive on its own.

There are many reasons to start generating evergreen content. Show the world that you are a benchmark in your sector and… let’s get to work!


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